Dina Nina Martinez – Executive Producer & Founder of Lady Laughs Comedy Festival

Welcome to the official Lady Laughs Comedy Festival website. The festival was created by Dina Nina Martinez a transgender stand up comic based in Chicago/Madison. Her desire to create spaces for amazing women to be funny and perform was a driving factory behind the creation.

“I love performing in all-female performance spaces. I find the comradery and support to be so inspiring that I wanted to bring that to a festival in Wisconsin.” said Dina Nina Martinez.

Lady Laughs is in it’s 2nd year and will be held in Madison, WI Nov. 2nd-5th of 2017. Last year’s festival brought together over 70 comedians from Canada to Texas and New York to LA. This year’s festival is expected to bring upwards of 100 talented performers and will feature headliners from major television shows and appearances.

Our mission:

To foster women in the comedic arts by creating opportunities to showcase talented women with a dedication to LGBTQ+ and inter-sectional inclusivity. To normalize safe spaces for women to perform and the audience to be entertained through a shared experience. To establish the truth about women in comedy: that women ARE talented, brilliant and most importantly, FUNNY.

Our Purpose:

We exist to impact the state and region’s comedy landscape by showcasing amazing women. We desire to create a safe performing, and viewing space whereby we change people’s lives with humor and touching stories that only women can tell. We endeavor to create a sustainable community of funny women by fostering, educating and showcasing their talents throughout the year.