#LADYCRUSH! Renee Gauthier

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Name: Renee Gauthier
City: Los Angeles- Chicago B and R’d
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
How many years? Improv/Sketch 14 yrs/ Stand Up 12 yrs
Just a chick who once saw a SNL sketch with her dad and decided that comedy was the way to go! Second City trained and comedically raised in the stand up streets of Chicago. Renee has gone on to live in LA. Seen on Chelsea Lately, Last Call w/ Carson Daly and Last Comic Standing… to name a few. Currently a writer/producer for Emmy nominated Lip Sync Battle. She once got gently flirted with by Mase The Rapper. Oh! She had adult braces and still wears her retainer to bed because she is a woman who understands dental care.





1) Tell us about your first time doing comedy.  My friend Nick Vatterot and I were rehearsing for a Chicago Sketchfest and I asked him if I could go with him to an open mic. He took me to a bar that was Caribbean themed and the waitresses wore bikini’s with socks and sneakers. I told a joke about Practical Magic and it was the only laugh because it was about my need for magic after this break up.

2) What do you LOVE/HATE about doing comedy? I love making people happy and I hate the politics.

3) Tell us about a time you BOMBED or was Heckled. I was heckled at a dive bar in Wisconsin by a gentleman missing a host of teeth and made up for it with the amount of ponytail he sported. He asked me to take my clothes off and I responded with “You go to the dentist and I’ll take my shirt off.”

4) Where’s your favorite place to perform? I love performing at the Comedy Store but I also miss performing in Chicago.

5) Who inspires you? (in comedy or not) Kelly Clarkson. obviously

6) What’s your best comedy memory? Getting a standing O during my audition for Just For Laughs at the Hollywood Improv while my mom was in the audience.

7) What’s the best advice you’ve received from another comedian/industry professional? Do your material. Don’t dumb down what you do for any type of audience. This is your party they came to… take them on your journey.

8) What’s the worst advice you’ve received? Stop telling smart jokes. Nobody wants to learn anything from you.

9)What would you tell someone starting out in comedy? Do it your way. However you do it is how you should be doing it. Learn from the people around but don’t try to do what they did- path wise. It’s a one person art for a reason.

10) What are you working on now? Currently working on a TV show called “Lip Sync Battle” and Developing a show with fellow Comedian Mitch Marchand- called “We’re Doing This!!!”


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