#LADYCRUSH! Moira Goree

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Name: Moira Goree
City: Asheville, NC
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
How many years? 1 year and some amount of moths
Moira Goree is perhaps a trans woman from Asheville,NC who does stand up comedy with taste and wit or perhaps Moira Goree is a colony of sentient scorpions in the shape of a trans woman who does stand up comedy regularly fooling audiences across the southeast





1) Why did you start doing comedy? I almost got murdered and the day after I walked past an open mic and went “why not?” Why not indeed.

2) What’s the worst joke you’ve ever written? You ever drive passed a dead possum and think “wow that one’s good.”

3) Tell us about a time you BOMBED or was Heckled. It was in what was effectively a pizza hut in Madison,WISCONSIN and I got so angry at this dude’s terrible rape jokes that I just spent my entire set yelling at him

4) How do you deal with bombing or heckling? LEAN. IN. TO. THE WEIRD.

5) How do you deal with creepy male comics/bookers/audience members? How vicerally can i describe a penectomy

6) What are your comedy goals? Some nebulous reality where I pay my bills by yelling about dinosaurs Into a TV camera

7) What are you reading or listening to?  The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

8) What’s your BIG dream (if you had unlimited money & resources)?  Bruising my newly installed cervix while floating in zero gravity on a space station around an exoplanet.

9)Marry/Fuck/Kill? Devour in unholy rituals to my dark goddess

10) Where’s your favorite place to perform? Disclaimer Comedy Open Mic @ The Dirty South


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