2018’s First #LadyCrush! Mary Kennedy

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Happiest of New Years to everyone! and a very Mary one it is! 👶💥🍾
It was such an honor to have her headline our Friday show for this year’s Lady Laughs Comedy Festival in Madison and we can’t wait to have her involved in so many more LLC things in the furute…so without further adieu…

Name: Mary Kennedy
City: Van Nuys, CA
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
How many years? Almost 20 years
Bio: Mary Kennedy is a professional actress and comic. She plays New Fiona Season 7 Shameless





1) Tell us about your first time doing comedy. It was at Stand Up NY it was the final show at the American Comedy Institute and a producer discovered me and the rest is history.

2)  What do you LOVE/HATE about doing comedy? Love making people laugh, hate when people who aren’t funny are making the decisions.

3) Tell us about a time you BOMBED or was Heckled. I bombed so bad, my friend refused to acknowledge like Peter and Jesus.

4) Who inspires you? My mother

5) How do you deal with creepy male comics/bookers/audience members? I call them out.

6) What are your comedy goals? To have my own sitcom someday

7) What’s the best advice you’ve received from another comedian/industry professional? Be you, you are enough.

8) What’s your best childhood memory? Telling jokes on a the altar as an altar server as a kid.

9) Marry/Fuck/Kill? Marry

10) What are you working on now? CONAN recurring sketch artist and my one woman show

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